Water Quality Monitoring

We have been monitoring water quality within the watersheds of Curry County since 1995. Water quality monitoring is primarily an assessment tool, to help guide investments of technical and financial resources for watershed restoration projects where they will have the most benefit. Partnerships have been formed with other organizations that are interested in water quality, allowing resources and data to be shared.

The Curry Watersheds Partnership’s Monitoring Program is dedicated to producing data of known quality, at the highest levels of precision and accuracy that resources allow. Standard Operating Procedures are available on request. Quality Assurance Plans accompany all sampling and submitted data.

Monitoring for compliance with drinking water quality standards is outside the scope of our program, but drinking water source information is available at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s website.

Project Effectiveness Monitoring

The Curry Watersheds Partnership has, over the years, implemented a variety of different types of restoration and enhancement projects. The Monitoring Program works in collaboration with the Restoration Program to develop and carry out project effectiveness monitoring on a number of those projects.

This type of monitoring usually consists of collecting relevant data before and after a project is carried out, and analyzing that data to understand what effects the restoration had and how effective those efforts were. This knowledge helps the Curry Watersheds Partnership make sure the work that we’re doing is of the highest quality and resulting in the greatest improvements possible to watershed health.

The types of monitoring activities that are carried out depend largely on the type of project that’s being monitored and the local conditions at the project site. Past monitoring activities have looked at parameters such as water quality, fish presence/absence, macroinvertebrate communities, vegetation, and flow.

Volunteer with us!

Looking for a way to get involved in local watershed science? The Monitoring Program is always looking for ways to get volunteers involved, and is currently working on building a volunteer base for some exciting upcoming projects. Fill out this form with your info and we’ll reach out as soon as possible to get you signed up to join our citizen science team!

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Unit 2: Spring Season

The Curry Watersheds Education Program also coordinates Adopt-a-Stream (or wetland!) projects throughout Curry County such as tree planting, litter clean ups, invasive species removal, water quality monitoring and more. To get your class involved in the Salmon Ecology lessons, or a watershed stewardship project near your Curry county school, call or email your ideas or interests to Statia Ryder!