Watersheds List
New River Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Sixes River (HUC10)
Elk River (HUC10)
Euchre Creek Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Lower Rogue (HUC8)
Illinois (HUC8)
Whalehead Creek Frontal Cape Ferrelo (HUC10)
Hunter Creek (HUC10)
Pistol River (HUC10)
Chetco River (HUC10)
Winchuck River (HUC10)
Water Quality Monitoring

Monitoring of water quality within watersheds of Curry County has been conducted by South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils since 1995. Water quality monitoring is primarily an assessment tool, to help guide investments of technical and financial resources for watershed restoration projects where they will have the most benefit. Partnerships have been formed with other organizations that are interested in water quality, allowing resources and data to be shared.

Summer Water Temperature and Base Flow

Estuary and Lake Conditions

Source Search for Sediment, Nutrients & Bacteria

South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils’ Water Quality Monitoring Program is dedicated to producing data of known quality, at the highest levels of precision and accuracy that resources allow. Standard Operating Procedures are available on request. Quality Assurance Plans accompany all sampling and submitted data. Each water quality “project” has a specified objective and time frame as shown in the link below. A list of time lines and their associated plans are available HERE.

Monitoring for compliance with drinking water quality standards is outside the scope of our program, but drinking water source information is available at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality website for Water Quality.

Monitoring priorities are guided by a Water Quality Monitoring Advisory Committee. 

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