Salmon Ecology Lessons 2015-2016

A series of watershed lessons are offered to grades 4-5 in Curry County schools thanks to an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant received by Curry Watersheds Partnership.  The lessons are led by Curry Watersheds’ Education team Statia Ryder and/or Cathy Boden; they are designed to be hands-on, teaching students about watersheds, salmon, water quality, trees, macro-invertebrates, riparian ecology, etc. through activities, worksheets, field experiences and a decorated class poster. Teachers are encouraged to build on concepts with writing, reading, art and other science activities related to learning topics.                                                                

A series of 8 classes are offered this year with two field trips.  All lessons are at least one hour long, with a preference of 1 hour 15 minutes.  The Creek day will be to a local stream where students collect macro-invertebrates to monitor stream health and participate in other related riparian habitat activities.  A 2-2 ½ hour block is usually a good amount of time for successful “Creek” days.  Salmon Watching field trip is determined by nature and flexibility of school and salmon schedules..  Got boots??  No worries, WE DO!!  All materials are provided; schools provide transportation.  


         Unit 1: Fall Season

  1. Wonderful World of Water 
  2. Salmon Life Cycle
  3. Riffles and Pools
  4. Riparian Zone
  5. Salmon Watching with a little luck!


Unit 2: Spring Season
  1. Stream Trailer; Intro to Water Quality
  2. Riparian Ecology
  3. Macro Invertebrates
  4. Creek Day!
  5. Watershed Wrap-Up                                

The Curry Watersheds Education Program also coordinates Adopt-a-Stream (or wetland!) projects throughout Curry County such as tree planting, litter clean ups, invasive species removal, water quality monitoring and more. To get your class involved in the Salmon Ecology lessons, or a watershed stewardship project near your Curry county school, call or email your ideas or interests to Statia Ryder!