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New River Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Sixes River (HUC10)
Elk River (HUC10)
Euchre Creek Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Lower Rogue (HUC8)
Illinois (HUC8)
Whalehead Creek Frontal Cape Ferrelo (HUC10)
Hunter Creek (HUC10)
Pistol River (HUC10)
Chetco River (HUC10)
Winchuck River (HUC10)
Noxious Weed Management

Program Overview

The Curry Watershed Partnership has been involved in the removal of non-native, invasive weeds since 2004. Early projects focused on gorse

Gorse, Credit: Erin Minster removal in the Floras Creek watershed with an emphasis on eradicateng outlier infestations and containing larger populations from spreading. Over time the Partnership has expanded its weed management program to include many of the plants listed on the Oregon Department of Agriculture's (ODA) Oregon Noxious Weed Policy and Classification List.  This list is developed and maintained by the Oregon State Weed Board (OSWB).
OSWB's list of weeds is grouped into two main categories based on a particular weeds distribution and economic importance. Annually, an additional designation is added to the existing list that creates a focus for prevention and control by ODA's Noxious Weed Control Program. Action against these weeds will receive priority. Grant funding is available through the OSWB Grant Program. Grants are available every year and are funded by State Lottery dollars and administered by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and ODA.
Curry Most Wanted
Each year our Partnership applies for an OSWB grant to assess and treat the our top 5 Most Wanted weeds.  Our current list is:

If you have one of these weeds and you are looking for some help controlling them, let us know.

For questions or assistance regarding Noxious Weeds contact:

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