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Lower Rogue Watershed Council

 The Lower Rogue Watershed Council was designated within a Curry County Coordinating Watershed Authority by the Curry County Board of Commissioners in July 1994. Our members have been and continue to be committed to the health and future of the Lower Rogue River watershed.

Our Purpose is to protect, enhance, and restore long-term natural resources and economic stability of the Lower Rogue Watershed and the near shore environment.

Our Mission is to represent the broad and diverse geographic areas and community interests in the watershed and work collaboratively with these interests and landowners to develop and carry out voluntary watershed protection, restoration, enhancement, and community engagement activities.

(Photo credit: Rich Watson ~ Lee Patterson Bridge over the Rogue River)

The Council is very active with restoration, education, data collection, and monitoring within the watershed, especially on private lands. Some of our projects include:

  • Riparian improvement projects like placing large wood in the stream to enhance channel stability and fish habitat, and we work to increase the areas we have for salmonid summer and winter rearing habitat.
  • Fish passage improvements on tributaries to the Lower Rogue like removing failing culverts and installing bridges or "fish-friendly" culverts where applicable.
  • Road inventories to identify fish passage barriers, which the Council then seeks grant funding to replace or remove barriers, especially in anadromous fish streams.
  • Wetland habitat restoration in the Rogue River Estuary, which involves the removal of invasive weeds, planting of native species, installation of large wood in the floodplain to increase connectivity, and placing large wood in the wetlands to increase complexity. 

Any resident of the Lower Rogue watershed interested in applying to be a Council member is encouraged to contact the coordinator, Kelly Timchak at 541-373-0057. Meetings are the third Tuesday of every month, at 3:30 PM, held at the Curry Watersheds Partnership Office, and are open to the public. Visitors are welcome to attend and participate. Please check the calendar for time, place, and topic. (Photo credits: (above) Kelly Timchak; (below) Rich Watson) 

The Council is part of the Curry Watersheds Partnership*; leveraging the strengths of each partner organization to improve ecological outcomes, inspire conservation and stewardship, and improve the economic and community well-being of Curry County. 

*The Partnership consists of the Curry Soil & Water Conservation District, the South Coast and Lower Rogue Watershed Councils, and the Curry Watersheds Nonprofit (a 501c3).

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  • Bylaws & Policies (available upon request)
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