Watersheds List
New River Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Sixes River (HUC10)
Elk River (HUC10)
Euchre Creek Frontal Pacific Ocean (HUC10)
Lower Rogue (HUC8)
Illinois (HUC8)
Whalehead Creek Frontal Cape Ferrelo (HUC10)
Hunter Creek (HUC10)
Pistol River (HUC10)
Chetco River (HUC10)
Winchuck River (HUC10)
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Everyone lives in a watershed! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we share our watersheds with some very special fish and wildlife, including Pacific Salmon and Steelhead.  These fish are facing challenges across the region with loss of quality freshwater habitat

This watershed education program facilitates learning, partner collaboration and watershed stewardship projects reaching Oregon's south coast schools and communities. Many folks are working together to improve aquatic and riparian habitat, including those participating in the youth watershed education program.

Youth Watershed Education program components:

Did you know that 137 species rely on Pacific salmon? Try to wrap your mind around all of the ecological connections... Wow! WE need clean water and so do they... Learn more on how YOU can be a part of the SOLUTION, not the pollution; 50 Ways to Love Your River

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