A primary goal of our Adopt-a-Stream program is to inspire students to take positive actions that will benefit watersheds, water quality, and salmon/steelhead habitat. By thoughtfully and strategically delivering age-appropriate information and environmental experiences, increased empathy, attitudes and behaviors toward the natural environment may follow. 
Adopt-a-Stream activities include:
Litter clean ups, invasive weed removal, tree planting, water quality monitoring, natural resources conservation, wildlife monitoring, (and so much more!!) while also involving community members, community partners, student parents, etc... Please join us in caring for our watersheds!


Our education program includes all four components of what the National Environmental Education Foundation considers to have "tremendous potential for behavior change"

~Investigational approaches

~Outdoor learning

~Place-based learning

   ~Community service
Check out some student projects from around Curry county!
Riley Creek Adopt-a-Stream project
Jack Creek Adopt-a-Stream project
Driftwood Wetlands Adopt-a-Stream project
Myrtle Creek Adopt-a-Stream project
Brush Creek Adopt-a-Stream project