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Experience the Elk

The evening of September 21 featured a keynote speaker (Chad Woodward, American Rivers), a slideshow exhibiting the work of a local wildlife photographer, poetry written by local high school students with Elk River as the subject matter, and a small art exhibit showcasing the work of local artists.  Approximately 80 members of the public were in attendance of the evening event.
Saturday September 21 entailed an all-day event on Elk River. This part of the event provided opportunities to participate in a guided nature walk, service projects, and a highly spirited river fair. 
  • The nature walk featured a local conservationist who was able to share intimate knowledge of living and working on Elk River.  Approximately 10 participated in the hike.
  • The service projects included the clean-up of a dump site and noxious weed removal at an old home site.  11 volunteers participated in the service projects, which resulted in the removal of over 100 pounds of trash and the clearing of invasive weeds from approximately 3,000 square feet of forest.
  • The river fair featured numerous activities ranging from water safety training and kayaking to macroinvertebrate sampling, aquatic invasive species education and water quality testing to creating art, playing in a salmon tent, and learning to cast fishing rods.  These activities and more were put on by 11 agencies/community groups.  Additionally, three community members whom live and work along the Elk River took time to share some of their favorite stories about Elk River.  Local foods, donated by local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, were available for fair-goers to sample.  The river fair also benefited from the support of 20 community volunteers.  An estimated 120 members of the public attended the river fair.
Over the course of the two-day event, approximately 200 members of the public took advantage of the opportunities to learn about the values of Wild and Scenic River designations, and participate in resource stewardship and educational activities sponsored by 18 educators representing 11 agencies and community organizations.